Sexy Chocolate Breanna


Also incorporated into my massages is Breannas most erotic and sensual legendary body to body tantric massage.  It is a unique experience and one of its own kind that you would rarely come across. The massage is very slow and deliberate while the receiver concentrates on relaxation, breathing and enjoying the experience. Massage oils (Grapeseed oil) is used to provide a smoother gliding motion of the hands and body to heighten the experience. Come let me be your tantra goddess, let me worship your body and let me spoil you because you deserve it sweetheart.

Body to body massage (b2b massage) means that your Tantric Goddess will be using her gorgeous naked body to massage yours. I will be sliding and gliding my body along yours to deliver erotic sensations as well as stronger massage touch. Body to body massage is an unusual, Tantra-specific technique which gained enormous popularity due to its combined (erotic and therapeutic) benefits.

You will lay on the massage table and let go of every thought, every muscle, every inch in your body. Imagine warm oil dripping down your neck all the way down your back, across your buttocks, testicles and inner thighs, I then begin to massage the warm oil in, covering your entire body using my hands and my nude body. The Tantric Massage is intensely seductive, ensuring to sooth every muscle and nerve in your life, then guiding your mind and body to increased pleasure. The aim of Tantric Massage is to arouse all your sensual senses and take you to the brink of orgasm a number of times before allowing you to release your sexual energy. Using a combination of traditional deep tissue massage, Thai, Swedish, Reiko, head massage, and Tantric massage you will feel the ancient spiritual arts of erotic Tantra.

Your entire body, head to toe will relinquish to the touch and caresses of your beautiful therapist. Feel the warmth of her alluring body, her delicate soft skin, her deep hypnotic gaze captivating you in the most sensuous manner, while losing yourself to the most pleasurable, loving, nurturing, healing, seductive touch through Tantric massage. A wonderful way to awaken and experience an erotic journey in awareness and love, a world of intimate togetherness is explored in a spiritual sense, the magic of touch that does not lead to sexual intercourse,this stimulating art is aimed at prolonging pleasure, therefore extended enjoyment of all those physical and mental emotions. Offering a multitude of methods to open that door with sensitivity creating the development of conscious awareness and correcting sexual energy flow. Tantric Massage is an erotic journey exploring the female and male sacred energy and much more, awakening your senses, arousing your sexual energies, stimulating your mind and body that encounter and satisfy deep desires aroused by touch.

During my Tantric Massages I will use numerous techniques that have been used for thousands of years combined with the more modern techniques to create the ultimate Tantric Experience.  I will use touch and pressure to build up sexual energy, then the result of this energy is used to release pressure and arouse. Remember the intention of Tantric massage is not intended to cause climax but the intention is stimulate your sensual energy to create mental and physical balance and harmony.

During my body to body massage you will experience the following:-

Nude Body Rubbing: The feeling of nude bodies pressed together, rubbing across your entire body awakening every sense and sensual emotion and energy, creating a burning desire that needs your Tantric Touch.

Erotic Touching and Teasing:] To gently and subtly arouse your senses, touching every inch of your energy, working your body head to toe, teasing your senses with touch to bring every inch of your being to life. Erotic teasing can be considered as foreplay deluxe, gently building the sexual anticipation and taking you closer to full mind and body pleasure, simply by bringing your mind and body to the present moment and working the energies within your body. If you envision trying to boil water, and the water reaches a point were the bubbles are about to form, but then you quickly turn the burner down to simmer, this is exactly what Tantra want to accomplish with Teasing.

]The Kundalini Awakening: Using a number of methods your Kundalini Energy also known as The Divine Serpent will be aroused, this enables your entire body to wake up and feel, bringing you into the moment and zone of Energy Pleasure. This powerful primal feeling will charge through your body from the base of your spine to the top of your head.

The Lingham Massage: A tender and erotic massage covering the whole of the male intimate area including the full testicles, perineum, and the Sacred spot (the equivalent of the female G-spot), and allow to surrender to a form of pleasure you may not be used to. From this perspective, both receiver and giver relax into the massage, men need to learn how to RELAX AND RECEIVE. Traditional sexual conditioning has the man in a doing and goal orientated mode. The Lingham Massage allows the man to experience his softer, more receptive side and experience pleasure from a non-traditional perspective, which will allow you to release all sexual energy through a full body orgasmic release. You will not only explore your Sacred Spot, but you will find your Sacred Space, and your life balanced and sexual energies balanced using a number of Tantric techniques that will stimulate and create intensely deep emotions and sensations. This is not only intensely pleasurable for the receiver and will create the ultimate orgasm but also has healing properties. When massage techniques are sensually initiated it will reach its pleasure sensors.

The Prostate Massage: This is performed on the male gland, this is part of a man's reproductive system, It has both sensual and therapeutic benefits, as the prostate gland is involved in the male sexual response, this will explore the male G-spot helping you discover intense pleasure and a powerful tool to help with premature ejaculation. Many have never experienced The Prostate Massage, so it is advised that this massage is taken slowly and gently, preferably over the course of three to four sessions. This is a very tender and personal area and needs to be conducted using the right timing and techniques.

The Pubococcygeus - PC- Muscle Exercises; The first and most important method to practise and learn is how to strengthen your pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle) or love muscle (The PC-Muscle is the hammock-like muscle hanging low in the perineum, the area between the scrotum and the anus). This muscle is the major muscle of contraction in male and female orgasm. Strengthening the PC muscle helps to strengthen your erection and will increase the sensations of your orgasm, which is very important in older years. The PC muscle extends from the base of the spine, where it is connected to the coccyx, to the front of the body where it is connected to the pubic bone. Ancient civilisations have been practising prostate massage for centuries. This male gland is highly sensitive to pressure so through rubbing and stroking, prostate massage creates feelings and emotions to those felt during orgasm, this can create a deeply intense orgasm especially when exploring and combined with The Lingham Massage.

Indian Head Massage: To help ease you into relaxation, the Indian head massage will help relieve your stresses, head-aches and migraines, including eye strain, and neck/head and shoulder tension. This massage has proved to help with sinus problems and improves circulation resulting in more energy.

Foot Massage: There are reflex areas on the soles of the feet correspond to specific organs, glands and other parts of the body. By applying pressure to these areas, you will experience a relief of deep tensions and aches in the muscles, and the stimulation of blood circulation and the performance of the organs. Foot massage also help re-establish physical and mental balance, which is what creates a healthy body and mind.

To make the most of the erotic massage experience, I encourage men to be passive during their massage session and stay relaxed and focused on their feelings and sensations. However, I know that some men can’t refrain from touching their masseuse, you can caress and worship my body but remember that I have my own boundaries so please treat your Tantric Goddess with respect.
I would ask you to refrain from groping, biting, pinching or fingering your masseuse.
Am always happy to tailor-made your Tantric experience, so please ask me if you have any special requirement.  Also please note that this is not a sexual service, I do not provide personal service and will not participate in any form of penetration. 

Otherwise, take care and I look forward to see you soon.